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ContinuityMauritius provides comprehensive Business Continuity Management services such as Standby / Disaster Recovery (DR) services, hosted services, DR simulations/testings and Advisory services that enable organisations to implement and maintain effective business continuity solutions at very competitive prices. Our team of industry experts can help organisations to proactively prepare for and deal with unforeseen or major business disruptions.

ContinuityMauritius has fully equipped recovery centers supported by completely redundant infrastructures to promptly deliver the following services:

  • 24/7 Service Delivery and Physical Security
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure for Dedicated or Syndicated co-location
  • Secure and fully redundant data storage
  • Robust and reliable bandwidth services
  • Customised Work Area Recovery (WAR) suites
  • Experienced and specialised technical support
  • Uninterrupted Power and Precision Cooling
  • Fire detection and automated suppression systems
  • Dedicated parking for customers

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