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Hosted Services

ContinuityMauritius hosted services allow customers to host as well as replicate critical applications and data to a secure platform, with the ability to deploy at time of invocation. Hosting workloads can be configured for physical or virtual servers with various supported Operating Systems.

Hosting activities are monitored and tested consistently on an on-going basis and can easily grow to accommodate a customer's every increasing requirement. All virtual servers are stored in a secure, fully resilient environment which separates each customer's workloads for security purposes.

The benefits associated with Hosted services from ContinuityMauritius include:

  • Managed Hosting
  • Complete replication is not necessary, key production servers can be selected
  • No capital expenditure
  • Hosting is tailored to customer needs
  • No specific virtual requirement is needed on the client side. Physical servers can also be replicated
  • Hosted services can be coupled with other ContinuityMauritius services, such as Work Area Recovery and Bandwidth services
  • Rapid recovery time for disaster situations. Replicated servers can simply be powered on

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