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Disaster Recovery Testing

ContinuityMauritius can ensure that testing is conducted according to industry standards and best practice guidelines to ensure the best level of recovery is possible.

Disaster Recovery testing from ContinuityMauritius is designed to ensure that companies are able to effectively coordinate their ICT or full business recoveries with professional facilitation of the testing process by qualified BCM practitioners based on the best practices. Required information and associated documentation is collected and collated in order to define the testing scope, plans and objectives.

Disaster Recovery Testing assists with the management of your recovery testing throughout the process and includes planning, test management and postmortem reporting. Our Review Advisors perform an independent assessment and are involved with the pre-planning phase on a high-level basis, specifically to add value to the project management function and the quality control of documentation.

Disaster Recovery Testing and Review offers you:

  • Measurement against international standards and best practice by qualified BCM practitioners with a wide range of experience.
  • Objective Recovery Coordinators and Review Advisors.
  • Identification of opportunities for ICT improvement.
  • Cost justification for improvements, including assistance with cost-benefit analysis for your ICT environment.
  • ContinuityMauritius assists in careful planning in order to minimize the risk of an incident occurring as a direct result of the testing exercise.
  • Advice on the risks associated with testing in order to ensure that the organisation is not exposed to unacceptable levels of risk. This includes making informed decisions on both the appropriate level of exercise and the timing thereof, e.g. during a less critical business cycle during a month, keeping users informed of test timing, parameters and implications.
  • Aid in the development of the Testing Scope and Test Plan, including objectives, constraints, assumptions, success criteria, resources, and the development of the Test Plan.
  • Alignment of Test Scope and Test Plan to business and technical objectives.
  • Recommendations on improvements to be made to Recovery Plans.

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