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ContinuityMauritius Ltd is a world class provider of Business Continuity Management Advisory Services, using qualified and experienced specialists working to international practices and standards to assist organisations to be proactive in preparing for unforeseen disruptions and implement solutions that improve operational resilience.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is increasingly being utilised to best advantage as a strategic enabler for operational resiliency by companies seeking to protect stakeholder value and enhance competitive advantage in a turbulent operating environment. The discipline of BCM has become an indispensable deliverable against key requirement for Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and Supply Chain Management.

By leveraging advances in modern technology, interdependent local and global supply chains as well as expertise from BCM specialists, organisations are in a position where they can implement cost effective resiliency solutions to protect their operations. A growing community of leading organisations are proactively undertaking the transition from being "BCM aware" at the most basic level, to ensuring that they are fully "BCM capable" in terms of possesing a mature level of operational resiliency, should they come up against an unforeseen worst case disruption.

BCM entails a series of carefully planned strategies and processes designed to ensure a business can continue critical operations after a major disruptive event.

Our portfolio of Advisory Services include:

  • BCM Policy and Programme Management - the development of a BCM Governance Framework with supporting manuals, policy statements and key performance indicators. The framework outlines the approach an organisation intends to adhere to in implementing BCM best practice in its specific operating context;
  • Business Impact Analysis - a workshop driven engagement to establish the outage thresholds for processes and operational activities based on the operational and financial impacts which the business can tolerate over a period of time as a result of a disruption;
  • Continuity Requirements Analysis - an investigation and inventory of all resources required to recover from a disaster and continue critical operations from a degraded state to an optimum operating level;

  • BCM Strategy formulation - facilitated strategy sessions to establish fit for purpose BCM startegies that meet the organisation's resilience requirements and financial considerations;

  • Incident Management Framework - the formulation of an appropriate structure for incident response, crisis communications and business continuity plans. This entails defining incident levels and scope of the BCM programme;

  • Business Continuity Plan Development - the systematic documentation of actions and procedures which need to be invoked to recover disrupted processes to a normal operating state after a disaster has been invoked.

  • BCP Simulations - facilitated tests of business continuity plans at various levels of complexity;

  • IT Service Continuity - involving the performance of systems impact analysis to establish levels of criticality attached to business systems and mapping the interdependencies as well as single points of failure within the IT landscape. The systems impact analysis follows through to the development of IT Service Continuity strategies and plans.

  • Recovery Coordination - facilitated technical disaster recovery tests which establish true recovery capabilities, uncover shaort comings and present opportunities to improve the overall disaster recovery readiness;

  • Business Continuity Management Training - BCI endorsed training tailored to specific needs of various groups from executives to practitioners and general staff. A range of courses are provided from 1 day awareness to 3 day and 5 day BCM training programmes. We also provide customised training made to fit the specific context of any organisation and its objectives.

Apart from the Good Practice Guidelines set by the BCI, ContinuityMauritius BCM Advisory Services' methodology has been refined over many years and also conforms to BS 25 999, ISO 27002, ISO 31 000, PAS 77 and ISO 22301.

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