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17 JUN 2014: Breakfast Event - Importance of BCM


A corporate breakfast meeting was organised by ContinuityMauritius on 17th June. The guest speaker Mr Michael Davies, Chief Executive Officer of ContinuitySA talked about good Corporate Governance, Business Continuity and Resilience during the event.

CMU provided a high level awareness of BCM and conveyed the importance of executive buy-in and accountability for BCM implementation to Head IT department, Head of Risks department and CEO's of several organisations. The topics discussed were as follows:

  • Basics of BCM
  • Examples of disasters/incidents
  • Protecting shareholder value
  • Governance and Accountability
  • The roles and responsibilities of Executive management in BCM
  • BCM lifecycle synopsis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Emergency Response
  • Testing and exercising
  • BCM Maintenance and Audit

The event concluded with a series of questions and answers in view to address the queries raised by the audience.

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