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20 MAR 2015: Simulation Exercise during Business Continuity Awareness Week


Simulation Exercise of Major Power Failure for a Customer at Candos Recovery Centre

For the BCAW 2015, a renowned organisation has performed a full day exercise to evaluate their Business Continuity Management capability to respond to a Major Power Failure at their premises which was held on 20th March 2015. This exercise has necessitated the mobilisation of 37 participants comprising of Business Continuity Coordinators, members of Incident Recovery Team and Support staff.

The main objectives of the exercise were to test and exercise the organisation’s Incident Response Structure namely:

  • 40 Work Area Recovery (WAR) Seats and DR site facilities at Candos Recovery Centre.
  • Crisis Management Team (CMT)
  • Interdepartmental Team Coordination
  • Incident Criteria and Crisis Communication Unit (CCU)
  • Business Unit Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Technological Recovery
  • Logistical and Welfare support

The outcome of the exercise has helped the organisation to identify areas of improvement in Emergency Response Plan, Incident Management Plans and Business Continuity Plans. This has also enabled the organisation’s crisis management team to exercise their preparedness as well as develop the necessary leadership skills required in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situation. The inter-departmental collaboration and support also clearly demonstrated their wonderful team spirit.

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