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BCM Training Programmes

The last decade has seen a wealth of information Business Continuity Management become available and standards have been published and accepted. Standards provide for best practice and serve as benchmarks, providing the criteria upon which measurement is based, but are not designed to provide the practical knowledge and sound understanding of best practice required to successfully initiate, implement and maintain an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) Programme.

ContinuityMauritius offers the following formalised training programmes in Business Continuity Management:

  • One day Executive Programme aimed at Executives, Directors and Senior Management to assist them with a high-level understanding of BCM.
  • Three day Complete Continuity Programme aimed at practitioners who want to acquire first-level knowledge of what BCM entails without entering into detailed topics.
  • Five day Complete Continuity Practitioner Programme covers all components of BCM in detail and includes case studies and practical classroom exercises. This programme is ideal for persons tasked with the hands-on implementation of BCM within their organisations.

All our training is based on the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines and our material also makes frequent reference to the British Standards on Business Continuity (BS 25999) and includes a wealth of knowledge gained from years of BCM implementation in different industries. All our programmes have been fully accredited by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority and have received Content Approval by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

In addition to the standard programmes ContinuityMauritius can offer customised training on any of the related BCM topics, which meets our client's unique requirements. Specific needs and current BCM related issues are addressed collaboratively and ironed out with the assistance of an experienced consultant. The knowledge gained through any of these short courses can be immediately applied in the place of work. These customised courses vary in length (from one hour session, one day session, to longer client-defined Business Continuity Awareness Training), depth and related topics. They may be designed to address personnel from operational to executive level.

Please contact a ContinuityMauritius representative to access our full programme/s content, and training schedules.

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