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Successful Client Disaster Recovery Test

A group of 40 staff members from different departments participated in the morning of the 4th October 2012 in a BCM Exercise at the Disaster Recovery site at Candos. The scenario is based on the flooding of basement 1 & 2 of their main office necessitating the invocation of their Crisis Management.

The exercise aims at testing the capability of each business unit to respond to a crisis simulation of flood at their main office.This is the 2nd BCM Exercise following the one held on 02 October 2011 at Candos, in line with the Business Continuity Management policy of the company to ensure continuity of critical services and the preparedness of their employees in times of crisis or major incident.

A team of Business Continuity & Security was present for the management of the BCM Exercise and a Head of Incident Management Committee (HIMC) was appointed.The company, though its designated Business Continuity Coordinator, invoked its BCM services early in the morning putting all CMU staff on alert, which prompted our standby personnel to prepare the premises to accommodate some 40 people, who started converging to the Recovery Centre as from 8.00 am. CMU’s technical team assisted the customer’s IT staff to get their systems up and running within the timeframe documented in the Service Level Agreement.

The test which lasted the whole day went on smoothly, whereby the staff carried on with their routine tasks with occasional support from the technical teams from both sides. Also, any shortcomings or loopholes were identified and noted by the Business Continuity Coordinator to be addressed for remedial actions towards continued preparedness in situations of real crisis, which remains the main function of a Business Continuity Test.

Overall feedback from the customer following the simulation exercise has been very positive as it has met its company objectives to test its capability to respond to a major incident causing denial of access to its premises while continuing to provide critical services to its customers . The continued support and dedication of CMU’s staff during this exercise have also been highlighted by the client, which speaks volumes about our commitment towards our customers and the services we provide.

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